Website update2010-01-17 23:39:00
Added lots of stuff. I'm not finished yet, but there's only so much one can do in a limited amount of time.
Dew prevention2009-12-29 17:00:00
Today a dew shield and controller arrived. The heating is something I'm planning on making myself using NiChrome wire. Details will follow.
Brrrrrrrrrrrrr2009-12-24 15:39:00
Cheers! Just had my first clear night with all equipment out. It was cold and results were horrible, but it was good practice and quite the experience. Bring on the next!
More bad weather?2009-12-18 17:08:00
The curse is still going strong... predictions are that we'll get a white Christmas.... for the first time since 1981. Of all the years before and after, why this year?! Not that I mind snow (I love the sound it makes when walking on it), but the timing is just evil. I've taken 2 weeks vacation leave especially for playing around with the new setup, only to find out that after 28 years the snow is back... *snif*
Oh and temperatures are going down rapidly to -20 degrees in the morning.

Well waiting for a white Christmas proved once again to be the same as waiting for our sun to burn out... not happening anytime soon. But look at it from the positive side - less snow clouds means more chance of clear skies.
Added lightning photos2009-12-17 23:00:00
A while back there was some massive lightning around here and fortunately I had my camera at hand. A short selection of the 200+ photos (of which 95% were black...) can be seen here.
Patience is a virtue...2009-12-17 22:00:00
Building this website is in full swing! I've got 2 weeks of vacation coming, so that should speed things up a bit :)